As we go through life these days we run into all kinds of energy. Some is positive some is negative, and some is in-between. All these energies affect us in our daily life. I’m sure you’ve noticed when you got to work and one person is in a bad mood. It spreads like wildfire.And before you know it you take it home to spread some more.

Daily life in general mounds up on us. World news, your finances, your relationship and many other things weigh on our minds . We also second guess our decisions causing even more anxiety and stress. This all adds up over time and causes our actions and reactions to be affected.

Modern medicine has come up with several ways to treat this condition. All including a man made chemical or two to alter us and the way we think, act, and feel. Sometimes even causing an addiction. Another negative we have to beat or endure.

I have been trained, educated, or whatever you want to call it to look to Mother Earth first in the healing realm. There is always a treatment or cure provided by Mother Earth. Look back to the old ways, the ways our forefathers used back in the day. After all Mother Earth can take dirty rain water and make it pure enough for us to drink, MMM spring water.

I was taught many years ago how to cleanse the body, mind, and Spirit with the help of Mother Earth. As a Native I believe Mother Earth was created for us, and is a living breathing thing. She is more then happy to help us achieve Spiritual cleanliness. I can show you how in one easy session. Call for an appointment 717-712-6093

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