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     It has been quite a year 2016, one I don't care to repeat. Having had a near death experience, I have grown, the energy I use to heal has also grown. I had illnesses thrown at me that most would not have survived. Through it all I kept my faith. A faith that heals. A faith that grows stronger every day. I laid hands on many people in 2016 and all got positive results. I cleaned out some of the negative influences in my life allowing more positive in, and in they came.

      Mother Earth is not happy with how we treat her or each other, and throws stronger more erratic things our way. The human race will survive providing we learn along the way.

     I was told I should raise my prices per session but don’t want to do that. Most people know I will barter for all kinds of things, so for now they will stay the same. $60.00 per hour for any session. I also have a sliding scale. But you have to let me know, so we can take care of that. Make your appointment by calling 717-712-6093


It’s amazing how we change over the years. we pick up new habits and do away with the old ways. We meet new people. Get new ideas, and always learn new things. I’ve made a point of it to learn something new every day. It may only be a new word but it keeps the mind growing. 

     Are you growing, expanding your mind?


We are trying to spread the word about the healing power of Reiki. Reiki is a form of healing prayer that is so intense that you feel it. I'm sure in todays world that you know someone who needs it. Reiki can be done "long distance"


Do you suffer fromCarpal tunnel syndrome? Did you know Myofascial massage can relieve you of the symptoms? And this massage can be done in 30 minutes. Orthopedic Massage can reduce rehab time after surgery by up to 50% of the time. I'm still offering packages of buy 5 get one free. Call for information at 717-712-6093


Reiki Attunements


If anyone would like their Reiki Attunements, Please get in touch. I've decided that the personal touch is everything, and one on one is probably the best. I will still attune small groups when requested. Long distance Reiki for our four legged and winged friends is FREE. Please contact me by E-mail first, with your contact information and we will get started as soon as possible. Make an appointment by calling me at 717-712-6093




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